Reverb and Tambourine

by Jon Reid

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h.u.e (hope-uplifts-everything)
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h.u.e (hope-uplifts-everything) After 10 years as 'jar-e', Jon Reid had the courage to step away from his successful main project and return to a more simple, soulful, sound. He's here and more honest than ever. Favorite track: Ode to Common Things.
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released March 20, 2012


tags: rock New York



Jon Reid New York, New York

Jon Reid is a person.

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Track Name: Nevertheless

Long miles distance loss but in the pall of darkness, want you in the way, I feel it everyday
Time tries, no love lost, but in the cost of simply having you away, I lose you in the gray

It calls me when I’m sleeping, that patriotic feeling, that you won’t let me have
But I won’t, I won’t, let you down

Different is the blood that flows through me but still it call me back to you
It’s funny ‘cause it’s true

I am, I am yours but still I’m mine and that I’ll have to let you know, If the cancer doesn’t grow

It calls me when I’m sleeping, that patriotic feeling, that you won’t let me have
And I won’t, I won’t sell you out

And when my body’s creaking, and my heart is weakened, I hope I have the same
I hope I have a son, who doesn’t bow to anyone
Track Name: Virgos

Maybe like the ocean, craving like the moon when it’s saving all it’s rays
Maybe like the lover, more green than her envy she is crazy, maybe

Maybe gray, not dark as black but far from royal blue
There is madness in her kiss
You new she was a sly one
But you didn’t count on this

She has seen you with that, with that other woman in the summer dress
You are going to have to, have to be a good one if you wanna pass this test

Maybe like the iris, iris of the baby wide and cautious as the dawn
Maybe like the belly, belly of a lady like the sunset fading, waiting for day
Track Name: In the Night
In the Night

Watch as he’s waiting for her in the parking lot
Coming on midnight they’re ready close
And I need her so bad all I feel’s what I haven’t got
Maybe I just need to buy some new clothes
And then I’ll get a real job
And I’ll go to bed at a reasonable time
And then I won’t be following her in this taxi
When I should be picking up people
Who need a ride home in the night

They’re both in the car now
I’m staying a half mile back
I turn down the radio
So I can hear what they’re saying to each other
He doesn’t get half of her jokes
But I get ‘em I get ‘em I get ‘em
I’m following close but not too close
I want to be there when she tells him to get lost
And gets out
And I’ll be right there just to give her a free ride
Wherever she needs to go in the night
Track Name: Patient Time
Patient Time

This will have to be my patient time
You and I color blind
Waking up with a place in mind
You and I would go there all the time
It’s a way to keep my thoughts in line
Last December I had thought you mind
Things like that can always change it’s fine
I don’t blame you I don’t mind
Track Name: Moccasins

I’m in my face but I don’t know I what I should do
I try to come through and be myself
But it takes so long and I’m not that sane
I need someone to tell me what to do
But I don’t know where that comes from
So I’ll go on alone

I try to walk and I try to sing
And I try to rain down from my head and from my chin

I don’t know and I might slip, I might fall on a banana peel
It’s coming my way but I don’t know what I should do
I shouldn’t do it your way ’cause you seen so lost and confused
No parking here

It’s ringing in my ears like a shell from a shadow
I don’t know but I don’t think I believe in tomorrow
Until I see the sunshine, until I see your eyes looking at mine

I don’t know where I go but I’m not leaving this place yet
Place your time, place your bets
Place yourself in my shoes, on my ground, in my moccasins
Track Name: Bright Girl
Bright Girl

Wide eyed Sarah Jones was a bright girl
Who could punctuate the night with the brightness of her smile
And she’d lead you to feeling protected by her
And you would come when she called

Ordinary things they couldn’t touch
So when they pulled her body out the lake you know she smiled
Blue and white and full of sand
It’s never over

Blue and white and full of sand
Calmly spreading out her hands to wings
It’s never over
Track Name: Ode to Common Things
Ode to Common Things

Plastic cars
Velvet stars
Paper dolls
Candied hearts

Mom and dad
Baby sad
Coming home

Birds wings
Common things
Heady stone

Cold back
They do that
Tie a knot
Track Name: Ladies

I’m getting good at saying goodbye to the ladies I have loved
That old familiar feeling washes over you
Don’t look too long into the eyes of the lady you have loved
It only makes it harder for the both of you

A silent reply
A lonely eye
You know that you were both waiting for this the whole time

Don’t sit around and look at all those pictures from before
The world is big enough to hide the both of you
Did she leave me or I leave you, I really can’t be sure
The memory of our love has come unglued
A silent night
Fade away to fine
You know that you were both waiting for this the whole time
Please do not wait or waste even one second you’re fine
Go back to being yourself you were never unkind

Breathe in the light

Don’t be unreasonable
Please do not feel the pain
You’re just who you meant to be
One day she’ll feel the same
Track Name: People Don't Change
People Don’t Change

People don’t change
That’s all I know
You can go far
Or you can go slow
You say that it’s right
You say it’s for real
But that doesn’t change
What do I feel

‘Cause you can take away the honeymoon and stare into the sun
Or you can try to pray away the life you had when it’s begun

But this is what you’ve got
This is what you’re given
You can blame yourself
When you’re not living

People don’t change
I’ve got no hope
I know you well
We can just cope
People don’t change
That’s all I know
It’s something I read that you wrote long ago
Track Name: Come Back Heart
Come Back Heart

Come back heart
And stay inside my ride
You don’t need to run around
We both know where it is
I have got a hold on you
It stretches like the sun
Come back heart
You’re the only one

Come back heart
Don’t play your silly game
I know that you’re tire of me
But I need you just the same
We have seen some trouble yeah
But what else can I do
Come back heart
I’m still in love with you

Holy are the dear departed